Playing .avi files on PS2, a step by step guide.

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Playing .avi files on PS2, a step by step guide.

Post by Rahul on Thu Jul 03, 2008 10:26 am

ok so far the PS2 has broken many limits to its intended use,
officially it is supposed to play PS2 games,PS1 games and Video DVD's.
however many talented ( and eternally thanked) programmers have worked their
way around and provided us with many home brew programs, the following
is a description of one of these programs and ( in my humble and very
biased opinion ) the best so far, it is called SMS (Simple Media System) this very
small yet handy piece of software grants the user the ability to play
movies on his/her PS2.

"so what? isn't it supposed to do that?"
is what a normal person would say, however the PS2 does not support
.avi file formats nor does it allow you to play Divx or Xvid encoded
videos, something that the SMS solves in a beautiful manner. + it plays

basically SMS allows you to play movies you download from
the net (Legally i hope) directly onto your TV set without conversion
and directly from your hard

disc (details on how will follow).

this here is a simple guide on how to:
1: get it.
2: rig it.
3: use it.

a detailed explanation can be found here

Ground 0:
in order to use this software you must have a modded PS2 (ie a system that
can play Cross regional games

Ground 1: What you need.....

1: The Software:
a) SMS (Simple Media System).--------------------|
b) Sony CDVDgen 1.2--------------------------------|----- can all be found here
c) IML2ISO---------------------------------------------|
d) Nero or any image burning software.
e) The Videos you wish to play.

2: The Hardware:
a) A DVD Writer.
b) A Moded PS2

Ground 2: We Begin.....

ok to begin first create a new folder to place everything you need in it.

open up notepad and paste this:(what is written between the lines)
BOOT2 = cdrom0:\BOOT.ELF;1
VER = 1.00

(the empty lines are no mistake make sure you keep them)

Save the file as SYSTEM.CNF.

Start up Sony CD DVD-ROM Generator 1.2, follow the screen shots:

fill in the Volume tab. The information in here really doesn't matter much, this is what i used.

Reduced: 91% of original size [ 703 x 466 ] - Click to view full image

on the directory tab, drag in order, one by one:

B) BOOT.ELF (rename the file "SMS Version 2.8 (Rev.3).elf" into BOOT.ELF)
C) Your video files. make sure there is at least 2GB. (these can be any kind of .avi movies)

Choose File -> Export iml file. Save the IML file somewhere easy to get to, such as on the desktop.

close Sony CDVDGen now, and open iml2iso.

press the ... button, and pick the IML file you saved with CDVDGen, then press Start.

It may take a while, and the program may look like it's crashed, but just wait, it will finish.

the last step is to burn it on a DVD Disc using Nero.

Ground 3: Using it.....

this screen shows it listing files available on a hard disc attached to the
PS2 via network cable. initially when the program starts it will list
the video

files and MP3 files you added to the DVD in part C above.
Reduced: 88% of original size [ 720 x 576 ] - Click to view full image

here is a screen shot of it playing a movie as you can see the quality is amazing (depends on the source)
Reduced: 88% of original size [ 720 x 576 ] - Click to view full image

NOTE: in order for the SMS to recognize the external hard disc/flash drive, it must be formatted into FAT system files.

so now you can put 6 movies on a single DVD (6x700=4200 MB = 1 DVD) and watch them on your TV.
You can Also back up some MP3's just because you can

PS: most of the steps follow the original guide but some have been altered to actually become much more straight forward.

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