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Watercolor Emico

Post by Rahul on Mon Jun 16, 2008 10:06 am

How to install:

Extract the folder called "WE" to "C:\\WINDOWS\\Resources\\Themes".
Right click the desktop > properties > appearance > then from the first drop select "Watercolor Emico"
From the 2nd drop downlist you can make a choice between the "Modern" and the "Classic" taskbar.
In the 3rd drop downlist you can make a choice between a "Normal" or a "Compact" start panel.

To use this theme you need to patch the Windows system file uxtheme.dll. You can read about how to do that here: Link

Bugs that I know of:
*Some palet frames arent drawn the correct way.(Application bug)
*In some webbrowsers the buttons might be resized the wrong way. (Browser bug)
* Multi row taskbar does not look good. (Theme)

Modification can not be released. You can make them as long as you keep them for personal use only.


Bug fixes and updates in Blue:

- Fixed the palet frames
- Fixed the palet caption buttons
- Fixed the black text on the side taskbars to white
- Changed the way the taskbar image is being stretched when using multiple rows.
- New toolbar and placebar images

- Fixed the toolbar gripper in Blue Classic
- Fixed the vertical toolbar grippers in Blue Modern and Classic
- Fixed the placebar button in Blue Modern

Bug fixes and updates in Ergonomic Blue:

- Changed the orange on the buttons
- Changed the orange on the tabs
- Changed the orange on the checkboxes
- Changed the orange on the radiobuttons
- Removed some gloss in the flash button. There was a bit to much gloss in that button compared to the others.


This release only contains Watercolor Emico: Blue. In the next couple of weeks I'm going to release the following color styles:

Still to be made:

- Black
- Silver/Grey
- Olive



I personally don't use them which is the reason why I didn't make any.
When all the main styles are done I'm gonna see if I can make some
fitting shellstyles.
I already have a few ideas. It will be uploaded to deviantART as an add-on to the skin.

Watercolor Emico: Blue
Watercolor Emico: Ergonomic Blue


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