[Firefox Extension] Glasser - Add Vista Glass to Firefox

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[Firefox Extension] Glasser - Add Vista Glass to Firefox

Post by Rahul on Tue Jul 08, 2008 11:30 am

Vista Glass for Firefox

For all you people who have been looking for a way to get Vista's glass effect in Firefox, look no further. Here is an extension for Firefox 3 that will do it. Please read this entire article before install this

THIS EXTENSION IS BETA QUALITY. It has been through some day-to-day testing by me and other users, but Firefox 3 is still pre-release and only a hand-full of themes have been combined with this

Known Issues

Because of a bug in the way Firefox renders parts of the UI with rounded borders or opacity, a small portion of the last character in text will appeared cut off and slight sub-pixel hazing in the toolbars. It will
not make of the labels or text unreadable. This is recorded in Mozilla's Bug Tracker as Bug 363861. Maybe voting on the bug will help push getting it fixed before the final release.


Get the latest version from AddOns.Mozilla.Org
Download: Glasser 1.0.16 Installer, x64 (XPI) This is for x64 builds of Firefox not x64 versions of Windows.

To install Glasser, first download the file, then drag and drop it to your Firefox window.


If you want the Windows Explorer, Windows Media Player, or Windows Mail style background on the personal toolbar, download GlasserExtras.zip. You can install the CSS files with either the Stylish Add-on, or by edit your userChrome.css file.

If you want to remove the menu-bar, try either Personal Menu or Hide Menubar. Both support using the Alt key to temperately show the menu-bar and Personal Menu lets you keep a button on the toolbar to gain access to the menus.

I hope you guys like it, its looks awesome on My Windows Vista PC Wink

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