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ALT + TAB... Tech Tip..

Post by Marun on Wed Jul 09, 2008 8:49 pm

For those of you who use the Alt+Tab key combination to switch between open windows on your desktop, I am sure you have encountered times when you cannot distinguish one window from the other because of more than one instance of the same program open.

Microsoft became aware of this bug(draw-back) after the release of the XP operating system and released a "Power Toy" to resolve this issue. The Power Toy resolves this issue by replacing the program icons with actual screenshots of your open application windows. By this way you can locate exactly which window you wish to switch to, which would be very useful when navigating between several application windows at one time.

Here are pictures of using the Alt+Tab key combination both before and after installation of the Power Toy:

In the first pic above, it is impossible to differentiate between IE instances and other applications just by looking into the icons. In the second pic, the screenshot clearly differentiates the windows…

Install this power Trot tool from the below link:

Hope this info helped you pals…. Very Happy


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