All about Dell Studio Hybrid Computers

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All about Dell Studio Hybrid Computers

Post by Rahul on Wed Jul 30, 2008 10:38 am

Here is all the Information i could gather about the new, slim & stylish Dell Studio Computers , they may or maynot be a rage in the cmong times , atleast price wise they wont but as far as the form factor & the styling goes they are very very very good looking.

Like most product from Dell these days, there's little surprise left in Dell's Studio Hybrid desktop lineup of eco-friendly little PCs. The computer is finally being released by the hardware giant with a starting price of roughly 25000 to 30000, with interchangeable sleeves of Bamboo, Emerald, Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Slate and Topaz -- the latter six being of the shiny plastic ilk. Dell isn't slouching on specs though,
and seems to realize the potential of the Studio Hybrid -- which can be stood vertically or horizontally -- in the living room. There's an HDMI port standard, along with options for WiFi, a wireless keyboard and
mouse, Blu-ray and a TV tuner. Dell doesn't ignore the "green" roots of this project, either, and is including a system recycling kit, along with the natural reduction in packing and manufacturing materials

Dell's product page for the new mini desktop is now online, and offers up that fabled $499 configuration, in addition to some rather spendy siblings. For instance, if you want to go bamboo that's an extra $130 right out of the gate, a display will cost you $200 minimum, it's $50 to bump the Hybrid up to 2GB of RAM, that Blu-ray drive is a hefty $250 add-on, and WiFi will cost you $70. There's no option for discreet graphics -- that's no surprise -- and the TV tuner option is of the USB dongle variety. It's clear Dell is going for a slightly premium, design-conscious consumer here, not the spendthrift.

According to a review just posted by PC Magazine, this mini PC is probably only right for a certain sect of folks. On the upside, the unit arrives practically devoid of bloatware, which is astonishing and wonderful in its own right. Still, the Penryn T8100 CPU jammed within wasn't a top performer, so those looking for lighting fast performance will likely be disappointed. Furthermore, the lack of expansion options and weak integrated graphics were also frowned upon, but we wouldn't expect anything different given the design. In the end, critics deemed it a great buy for style-conscience consumers, but it couldn't help but mention that there "are more-powerful and more-expandable choices out there if you're less concerned about design."

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Re: All about Dell Studio Hybrid Computers

Post by Nitari on Wed Jul 30, 2008 6:52 pm

wow looks sexy !


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