Backup Windows Product Activation

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Backup Windows Product Activation

Post by Rahul on Mon Jun 16, 2008 10:29 am

Backup Windows Product Activation (WPA)

Have you ever wanted to reinstall windows XP on a particular computer but chose not
to because you went sure what you'd encounter when it came to windows
product activation (WPA)?

Well, there’s no need to be concerned because information about the current activation is stored in
an encrypted database file named Wpa.dbl, which you can backup and then
restore once you've reinstalled XP. Keep in mind this technique allows
you only to reinstall XP on the same computer - it isn’t a hack to pirate the OS

Here’s how to backup your Wpa.dbl file:

1. Insert a blank, formatted disk into the floppy disk drive.

2. Using windows explorer, navigate to the C:\Windows\System32 folder.

3. Right click on the Wpa.dbl file and select Send to > 3 1.2 Floppy.

4. You can then reform the hard disk and reinstall XP, once the
installation procedure is complete, follow these steps to restore the
Wpa.dbl file:

5. Restart the computer.

6. Press [F8] when you see the message “Please select the operating system to start”.

7. From the bootup menu, select safe mode.

8. Then using windows explorer, navigate to the C:\Windows\System32 folder.

9. Rename the new Wpa.dbl to

10. Insert the disk that contains the backup into the floppy disk drive.

11. Copy the Wpa.dbl file from the floppy disk to the C:\windows\system32 folder.

12. Restart the computer.

Since you’re using the exact copy of XP that was previously installed the
original Wpa.dbl will be accepted and you won’t have to go through all
the hassle of re-activation.

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