Hardware that we shud not buy

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Hardware that we shud not buy

Post by dishant on Sat Jun 28, 2008 7:53 pm

Creating this thread to list hardware from which we have to stay away
from. Mention the product that's a failure in the market due to
issues. Also, please mention what the issue is, is it widespread etc.


1) Lenovo T60 and T61 (huge number of hardware bugs from display to wireless)

2) Dynet Rams, overclocked 5mhz n boom!!!!! bad timings as well... 5-5-5-15, yuck. Go for Kingston, Transcend, Corsair etc.

3) Cheap 500W SMPS. Better invest in better SMPS from
Antec/Coolermaster as 500W+ if you have a good GPU setup and cheap SMPS
cannot provide regular/stable voltage and if they face constant load
all the time, there is great chance for them to fail. Better be safe
than sorry.

4) 160Gb HDDs. For just 400 bucks more, you get a 320Gb HDD's.

5) Via chipset based motherboards (if pc is going to be used for gaming and for linux)

6) 22" displays. For real HDTV, you need 24" display and the price difference between 22" model and 24" model is very less.

7) XFX 8600GT (card having heat issues)

Cool Mercury UPS.
good battery but faulty electronics. Though it is fully charged, 6
times out of 10 it will not swtich into battery mode and everything
swtiches off.

9) Intel 945GCNL and 945GCPE motherboards

10) intex/iball/cheapo membrane keyboards and mouse.

11) Canin Pixma IP1000 printer. Very noisy, ink runs our very fast, no output tray, flimsy plastic construction.

12) HP dv9000 series and dv6000 series.
Having overheating issues, hinge breaking due to bad build. issue
reported in couple of online forums and sites. link :

13) Surround speakers from brands like Mercury, Intex, iball.
Earlier there used to be lot of price difference between these and
creatives/altec lansing/logitech. Now, the difference is minimal and
it's always better to for long-term-player's products.

14) Creative XFi Xtreme audio.
The entry-level model of the X-Fi series, the Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme
Audio, does not actually have the EMU20K1 chip but is a re-branded
Audigy SE, using the same family of chips (CA0106-WBTLF), and even the
same drivers. Thus, not only is all of the X-Fi–related processing
performed in software, but it also lacks basic hardware acceleration
just like the SB Live! 24 bit, the Audigy SE and other budget
Soundblaster models. The X-Fi Xtreme Audio does not use the same
drivers as the rest of the X-Fi family, some games do not recognize it
as being "X-Fi capable hardware", and the device's hardware profile
resembles that of older Live! and Audigy cards.

15) Dell 1908WFP. contrast issues

16) Viewsonic 1716W, AOC 913FW, Viewsonic VW1940W, HP L2208w. poor performance when compared to similar priced models.
17) promax speakers. Better get Creatives and AL's for just 200-300 extra.

Mobiles and PMP's:

1) Nokia 6300 (battery issues, network issues)

2) Sony Ericsson S600i (grossly overpriced, ugly, not many features)

3) chinese phones
frm Techno, el cheapo n el hazardo. el cheapo n el hazardo.... have
lead parts, give radiations (harmful ones), n screen starts 2 shift

4) Nokia N76. Really bad design. Poor body painint, awkwardly placed headphone jack, not-so-bad keypad design.

5) Nokia 6233 Music Edition. This one comes with dock kind of speakers that are not at all worthy. Go for standard 6233. Best phone in 5k-10k category.

6) Motorola S9 headset. Good for looks. Poor audio quality. breaking of sound while on move.

7) Mitashi MWI-4GA. as per digit review, poor music quality and unintuitive menu.

Cool YES YMP 18. Runs on external batteries and much better models available (run on li-ion) for the same price.

9) Creative Zen Stone and ipod shuffle.
No display. Models like Sandisk clip, Apacer steno are availalbe for
the same price and have decent OLED display. You can also go for
Creative Zen Stone Plus that comes with tiny OLED display but costs
around 1.2k more

10) Vodafone magic box. Much better phones are available for the same price and lot of stores are now giving free SIM with mobile phone purchase.

11) Mobiblu T10.
Cnet says "The MobiBlu T10 is the worst touch-screen MP3 player we've
seen." The MobiBlu T10 is plagued with problems, such as videos that
play out of sync with audio; poor voice-recording quality; an abysmal
user interface; and games that are awkward to play.


1) Midrange Digital cameras that are powered by AA size batteries. Most
of the midrange cameras come with Li-Ion batteries. Better stay away
from a camera that runs on AA batteries as you have to carry a handful
of batteries everywhere you go.

2) Netgear WG111USB wifi router. pathetic signal reception.

if any of u come across sach a piece of crap please update it here


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