Guide to Video Card Upgrade

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Guide to Video Card Upgrade

Post by dishant on Sun Jun 29, 2008 10:10 am

As a regular member of the
Techspot Community, I have seen *many* questions on video card
upgrading and questions about video cards in general (not to mention my
first thread was about a video card).

What many people don't realize is that when you start up a thread about
a video card suggestion, you need to give us a lot of information. I
have devised several lists of information suggested for the most
complete, accurate responses.

1. Know your gaming limits -
Here at Techspot, we like to throw out expensive video cards at people
who are looking into upgrading, so they can play almost anything. What
you need to tell us is what kinds of games you play, whether you are a
gaming "junkie" or a simple Sims 2 person. We DON'T know you (per say).

2. Tell us your budget -
This of all is the most important piece of information provided to us;
it tells us where in the ballpark you are. This way we don't recommend
you a card that costs 500 of your currency when you can only spend 100.

3. Tell us your Power Supply -
In order to run a video card, you need to have the proper power in your
computer. You are not going to make it to the next-gen of gaming with a
crappy generic power supply. What I suggest you purchase and own for a
power supply would be of a known company (Thermaltake, and Antec to
name a few). The most important thing that we need to knwo about the
power supply is the rating of watts and the amperage on the "+12V.
Rail". Note that some power supplies have more than one rail, and the
total amperage on each is added together for the final total (ex. 18A +
18A = 36A). For 80-90% of computers (ATX) the power supply is on the
top of the computer, and for the rest it is on the bottom (both are
located in the back of the computer and look like a box).

4. We NEED Your Computer Specs. -
Although you may need a video card, you might not be able to play some
of the best games or run the most demanding applications with crappy
hardware. We also NEED to know what you motherboard is or even better,
what slot your motherboard accepts for video cards (PCI, PCI-Express
1X/4X/16X, AGP 2X/4X/8X). To find out your specs, you can download a
program like "CPU-Z" to find out; click here
There are a few tabs in CPU-Z, each for a different part of the
computer. We need the information from the memory, cpu, and mainboard

Try and set up your thread giving us the infomation as a list;

1. Motherboard -
2. Graphic interface -
3. Memory -
4. CPU -
5. CPU Speed -
6. Power Supply Make/Model -
7. Watt output/Amperage

5. Tell us what Country you're from -
Nothing personal about this one. It would help us if we have this
information so we can select the right online hardware store to show
you what video card is suitable and what can be purchased by you.

You don't need any knowledge in computers to find the above for us; all
you need is maybe a screwdriver to open your case to find out the power
supply and a mouse and keyboard to download the software. It does not
take a genius to find out what you need and what you play either. If
you give us all of the above information, this will also make the
workload easier on us so we can help you more and be more accurate and
precise in the meantime, not to mention faster.


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Re: Guide to Video Card Upgrade

Post by sidk on Fri Jul 18, 2008 11:40 pm



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