Office 2007, Unattended Setup & Fine Tuning

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Office 2007, Unattended Setup & Fine Tuning

Post by dishant on Sun Jun 29, 2008 11:40 am

Unattending or silently installing MS Office System, has now become easier than ever. There are two ways to unattend your setup:
--> Option A (use it only if you got Office2007 thru Software Assurance, which comes with activation stripped out).
--> Option B is for all the others (retail/OEM/academic/trial/etc). Both are colored differently below.

Option A:
1. Ensure you have an actual enterprise/corporate disc & product-key.
Notably, o2k7 uses setup patches (*.MSP) rather than transforms which
previous versions used (*.MST). The below instructions will give you an
MSP file, which is not accepted by non-corporate versions of o2k7. If
you ignored point1 above, then you will end up wasting 15 minutes of
your life which I'm not responsible for.
3. Now at the command prompt, type: setup.exe /admin
4. Choose the product for which you want to make a customization-patch.
Then go through all steps in the customization wizard (to install the
reqd apps & remove junk & change default settings).
6. Be
sure to have "completion notice" turned on & "suppress modals"
turned off (this is to get to see errors, if any exist). Once you're
done with testing, go thru the customization again to modify the MSP to
disable completion notice & enable suppress modals.
7. Save the resulting patch file in the same folder as o2k7 setup files.
8. Now just execute this command (thru any method) for silent install: setup.exe /adminfile CUSTOM.MSP

if you have the Office 2007 Enterprise VLK, you could even drop the
CUSTOM.MSP file in the "Updates" folder & setup will pick it up
automatically (without any switches being used). For this, ensure you
have WindowsInstaller 3.1 already installed.

*** For completely
silent install, you MUST set the DisplayLevel to "none", either by MSP
(accessible from step 6 above) or by xml, otherwise you'll get a
confirmation dialog similar to the image shown in attachment below. (do
this only AFTER testing, when you're sure it works)

Reduced 52%

619 x 522 (24.3K)


Option B:
1. Go to the folder-path, "Office2007\Pro.WW" (or any ??????.WW folder for other editions such as standard/enterprise/etc)
2. Modify "config.xml", or copy it to somewhere else & modify it, using my posted code below as a sample.
3. If you modified it "in location", then setup will take up the changes automatically.
4. Otherwise, place the modified file in the same folder of setup.exe, as custom-uA.XML
5. This is the command to run setup with the customizations specified in custom-uA.XML: setup.exe /config custom-uA.XML

This method is also a great way to make changes to the defaults itself,
so that you dont need to keep changing it upon every new time you
install it. The sample XML here, makes setup fully silent, cuts down
features rarely used by me, and reduces install footprint of Office
2007 Professional from 721 MB, to 303 MB (of course you can always
add/remove components later); I've also removed lines that I found
useless from it, you might like to keep many of the default lines &
customize them. Also, be aware that the XML offers a way to chain
updates & install them before or after o2k7 setup, but then you'll
lose control over reboot parameters. By default, o2k7 setup wont cause
an auto-reboot, so no need of "/noreboot" or "Reboot=ReallySuppress"
properties. I intend this XML to be used for clean installs, with no
previous version settings or profiles to be migrated. Use "start /wait"
for silent installs. This file is for the main suite, you can modify it
accordingly for the other component products, the options are commented
with double-slashes. I obtained the OptionIds from setup.xml files, in
each component folder.

Here's a tested/working config.xml file, to get you started with Option B:
(you need to put in your own key, and configuration-Product can be obtained from your current xml)

//access db Engine replication
//Clip Organizer
//SOAP toolkit
//new,open office docu lnks
//docu update util
//script editor
//picture manager
//sharepoint support
//visio viewer

procedure is same for all other editions of Office 2007. The above is
just a working sample, you'd need to put in an appropriate key &
modify as per your needs.

If you downloaded a single
SETUP.EXE (500-MB?) from MSDN, then you might need to extract it to
some folder, to get the installation source.

setup.exe /extract:D:\o2k7

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